Message from Chairman

The need for skilled manpower is always very high. With the technological revolution the need has never been higher than that of now. The need is projected to be even more acute in the days ahead.

Bangladeshi labourers are in great demand all over the world due to their work ethic and productivity, but painfully, these people are working harder and earning less than others. 

The gap between the labour and the income is the lack of skill, the higher the skill the lesser the gap.

While our neighbouring countries are exporting semi-skilled and skilled manpower instead of unskilled and they are getting greater financial solvency as well as their countries are earning higher foreign remittance, we are lagging far behind.

Short technical training blended with right orientation and self-presentation can do a magic. The workers can earn high self-esteem and respect and higher remuneration at the workplace. This training and the practical knowledge will be a great wealth of their life. Even after finishing their assignment abroad, they can apply their knowledge in the country.

Greenland Training Centre Limited caters to the gap that exists between the need of the market and the current situation. GTCL is harnessing a win-win arrangement for all the parties involved – the employee, employer, and the countries concerned.

GTCL is one of the forerunners in Bangladesh with a mindset to make a difference in the life of people. GTCL wishes Bangladeshis are equally compensated for their hard work abroad thus they get more experience and can contribute to the nation’s economy.

Mohammad Abdul Hye