Greenland Training Centre Limited (GTCL) was set up with a mission of turning unskilled hands into skilled hands and more productive work force thus benefit the employees, employers and countries concerned.

Professional development of a prospective worker in the field of technical job is the main objective of the training centre. Professional development refers to vocational education with specific reference to continuing education of the person undertaking in the area of employment. It may also provide opportunities for other career paths. Vocational education has been related to specific skills, usually tied with immediacy of getting or retaining or raising the status of employment. The objectives of the courses are to develop task skills in such a way that the future-prospects can achieve effective skills thus ultimately achieve leadership skills.

As tapping and placement of human resources is one of the major activities of Greenland Group, GTCL plays the pivotal role in developing the people in such a way that s/he gets the right orientation of the kind of jobs s/he would be required to perform at home and abroad. GTCL puts special emphasis on the practical aspects while basic theories – as the backbone of the entire learning process – tell them why they should follow the method.



To be able to make a meaningful contribution to the overall growth of Bangladesh through providing technology-aided modern life-skills to the people of Bangladesh who can bring in positive changes in their own lives while contributing to the economic and imagery enhancement of the country.