GTCL and the parent organization Greenland group as a whole always consider human resources to be the most precious resource of the country. Greenland has developed a modern and technology-aided training centre on its own premises to cater to the need of its local and offshore partners. The training modules have been developed keeping in mind the need of the foreign employers. However, these skills become handy even if a trainee is recruited in a modern local company.

Candidates seeking overseas employment face problems with jobs, professional environment, languages, culture, norms, gestures, posture and many other things. Considering these, GTCL offers training and induction courses that not only help overseas employment seekers but also reduces substantial load from the employer shoulders.

GTCL is simultaneously assisting Greenland Overseas (a unit of Greenland Group), in training recruits according to the needs of the clients. GTCL prepares all recruits at all levels from entry to top management position according to the employer’s environment and skill requirement of the organization.

Following are few of the attributes that position GTCL at the top –

O  The leader in Bangladesh in terms of providing technical training and placement in the global market.

O  A long and un-dented track record of 35+ years

O  Faculties with appropriate skills

O Full medical care and check up for all students in association with Greenland Medical Centre.

O Extensive support in overseas employment in association with Greenland Overseas.

O  Comprehensive hands on training aided by modern equipment.

O  Extensive computer lab.

O Comfortable accommodation for residential and transport facilities for non-residential students.

Primary healthcare facilities within the premises provided by certified medical professional.

O  Weekly management meeting to monitor progress and to troubleshoot issues.

O  Travelling in association with Greenland Overseas Tourism.

O  Free monthly application newsletter.

O  24/7 security provided by trained security personnel.

O  Communicative English Language compulsory for trainees of all trades.